Electrical Safety Testing
For Education

Safety in the educational setting is very important as users can range from children to seniors. Wattech can help with In-Service Inspection and Testing (P.A.T & F.A.T Testing) for schools, colleges and education with enhanced DBS checked staff.

Wattech have a long established relationship with clients in the educational sector, with schools and universities contracting us to carry out testing on an annual basics.

Working closely with your Health and Safety representative, Wattech will ensure that the testing carried out to meet the requirements of your risk assessments and insurance. This enables us to remain cost effective.

Our team of DBS checked engineers, along with our professional testing equipment enables us to help ensure safety for staff and pupils whilst also assisting in the annual audits by providing a comprehensive report schedule.

Whilst testing in educational settings we give items such as projectors a quick clean on the vents etc as these are often missed on cleaning schedules due to their locations. ​

We can also help education establishments with:

  • Training of staff to carry out visual user inspections

  • Consultations

  • Servicing of all audio visual equipment

  • Maintenance plans

  • Data infrastructure

Our Promise

  • Open Every Plug Top

  • Check Every Fuse

  • Tighten Every Screw Terminal

  • Tighten Every Clamp

  • Check Every Cord

  • Test Continuity Of The Protective Earth

  • Test Insulation & Leakage

  • Record All Results Including Test Result Values Digitally

  • Email Results Within 7 days of Full Payment Being Received

Education - Fixed Appliance Testing

F.A.T (Fixed Appliance Testing) is the testing is the testing and inspection of items that are commonly fixed and wired in to a spur. An example of these items commonly found in an education establishment are hand dryers. To test these items, we are required to carry out a process called Safe Isolation. This involves access to your Consumer Units (Fuse Boxes) to power down the appliance circuit.


Due to it's complex nature F.A.T (Fixed Appliance Testing) will take roughly 15 - 30 minutes an item but can take longer. This is due to our technicians having to power down the circuit that the appliance is on by means of safe isolation, we then test to ensure the power is off then inspect and test the appliance and the spur.


Once all this has been completed our staff will re-energise the circuit and do a functional test to complete the testing sequence.

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I would say we had brilliant service from Wattech av entertainment services but it was beyond that. Helpful, honest, quick and they went that extra mile to help us out. Everything was thorough and first class.

Thank you Nathan for helping us get the show on the road!!!

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—  Clive DR and the Medics