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Microwave Leakage Testing

Microwave leakage can be dangerous and cause damage to the eyes, ensure your microwave is safe with a Microwave Leakage Test from Wattech.

Microwaves are a must in kitchens and the workplace, we depend on them more than you actually realise, but is yours safe?

Microwaves use electromagnetic radiation to heat food, these non-ionizing radiation waves do not make the food radioactive, however they could be potentially harmful if not contained in the the unit itself.

Seal deterioration, rust and damage to catches can not only cause harmful radiation levels to escape from the unit, but can also cause food not to be properly cooked, causing food poisoning.

Wattech can help minimise these risks with our Microwave Leakage Testing.

Utilising our specialist leakage detector, we can test that there is a non lethal amount of radiation leaking from the unit.

This along with the Electrical Safety (PAT) Test, we have your safety covered. 

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I would say we had brilliant service from Wattech av entertainment services but it was beyond that. Helpful, honest, quick and they went that extra mile to help us out. Everything was thorough and first class.

Thank you Nathan for helping us get the show on the road!!!

Hope to see you again soon"

—  Clive DR and the Medics