• Wattech Ltd

Celebrating 10 years of providing professional solutions

Starting out we were just a one man band (so to speak). With a small single PA system Nathan decided to take the leap out of the party DJ industry in to the hire market. Following a few months planning Wattech was launched in April 2008.

Originally called Wattech PA which stood for Wattech Pro Audio, Nathan started doing various small and charity events.

This was the original logo done by Nathan.

This photo shows one of our original sound systems. Although a cheap system which every "professional" company knocked, this skytec system was used at almost 600 events and to this day is used by its new owners.

The photo below is of our Peavey Pro series system with Prosound speakers being used as monitors provided at one of the first talent show events we done sound at.

The Gower Variety show using a Peavey Pro 15 system with Prosound monitors

In 2010 and with larger clients approaching us Nathan decided to have a slight logo change and also added another Peavey system to the hire stock.

A school concert getting the Peavey treatment.

In 2010 we also done our first largish

outdoor event with South Wales Mini Show. This event called for coverage of a large area from a single, central point. For this we purchased a 100V Line Tannoy Horn system.

Through out the years we have continued to support and expand our ever growing list of clients.

Here is one of the first shows we done with Mr Bill Bennett back in around 2010.

More recently we have worked with Bill on events such as an evening at the Lord Mayors house.

In 2011, Kirsty joined Wattech as a freelance lighting technician and very quickly found herself fronting the lighting section of the company and enabling clients access to professional lighting solutions.

In 2016 Wattech made the leap in to providing complete sound and lighting packages for the theatre and education fields.

Wattech has continued to go from strength to strength with bigger events and clients being added to our experience everyday.

2017 was a massive year for Wattech.

Nathan and Kirsty married in the January,

Wattech moved in to a small unit and office block in April and our growth continued rapidly following this and in September Wattech transferred in to a limited company.

By October we had out grown the space and the search begun for new premises. December 15th we took possession of the keys to a new warehouse just 20 minutes away from J45 of the M4.

Now in 2018, we have grown to become a full event production company providing sound, lighting, visual and staging as well as installations and hires.

Our client list now including local authorities, education, amateur theatre groups, venues and stores throughout the UK and the future is looking bigger and better with larger events being booked daily.