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Cutting costs during Covid-19

We're all feeling the effects of the current Covid-19 Corona pandemic. Businesses closed, people are either working from home or out of work which in turn brings an increase in energy bills, especially electric. In this post we'll give you some tips on how to save some electric and hopefully help save you some money.

1) Is it cold in here or is it me?

This first one is something that will also help you save on gas, oil, coal and other forms of heating energy. Ensure when you use your heating the windows are shut, and you're only heating rooms that you're using. Set your thermostat at a temperature that is comfortable for you, the lower the setting the less time your heating will run.

2) Pop the kettle on.

We all love a good cuppa or a coffee,

there's certainly an increase in kettle use in our houses. A full kettle can be one of the biggest electrical consuming item in our houses, so just put enough water to cover what you are making, however never put less than the minimum mark on the kettle.

3) Click and Switch.

When it comes to nipping out or going to bed etc ensure that things like TVs, PCs etc are switched off and not on standby. Whilst the appliances are on standby they are consuming electric. Unplugging will also help as it means that you know you have switched it off.

4) Everybody be cool, you be cool.

90% of the energy used by a washing machine is to heat the water. Washing clothes on a cooler wash will mean that less energy will be used heating water. If you can, try limit the amount of times you do the laundry wash, and let it build up to a full machine.

5) Air rather than tumble

With a spin cycle on washing machines, most loads don't come out dripping wet these days. Rather than using a tumble dryer, why not air the clothes? Indoor airers are great, however with the weather improving and summer just around the corner if you can use an outdoor washing line.

6) A rated Energy Saving Recommended

When buying new appliances ensure that you are buying Energy Saving Recommended items. These will be rated at A or above eg: A+ etc or they will have the Energy Saving Recommended logo displayed on them.

7) Going Dark!!!

Many years ago Nelly Furtado released a song in 2000 called Turn off the light, she was right. We know it's a simple one but if the room is not in use then turn off the light. Whilst you're at it check that the lights are LED. LED lights are by far the most cost effective form of lights to use.

These tips can not on help to save money during the current pandemic but can also help save you money all year around.

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