• Wattech Ltd

Improving Safety

Wattech PAT Testing from Wattech Ltd are committed to improving electrical safety throughout Wales and the UK, and our commitment to this has lead to us becoming a supplier to Gwynedd Council.

"This was the 1st tender that Wattech had applied for so to have been successful is a great achievement" said company director of Wattech Ltd Nathan Watters. He continued "I am proud to see the company growing and demonstrating our commitment to ensuring Electrical Appliances lifespan is fulfilled in a safe manor, with more and more clients trusting us to provide a professional, effective service".

Wattech has also recently invested in the new Seaward Apollo+ series of testers with the purchase of a 500+ machine. The new machine brings with it quicker testing to help minimise disruption to clients. All of our machines are downloadable meaning that the machines along with PAT Testing result software SimplyPATs makes our turnaround of results even quicker.

We are also looking at adding Kewtech machines to our stock of testers which will bring further versatility to our services.