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Where's the value?

PAT Testing is a con, a rip off, a tax on businesses, we've heard it multiple times but is it the truth? Far from it, that is, unless you don't actually care about the health and safety of you, your staff and your clients.

When testing we come across multiple faults, hazards and items being misused, all of which costs you as a business.

By having your items tested, you can gain all sorts of valuable data to aid in cutting costs and ensuring items are seeing out their working life.

We regularly find cables all tangled and in piles, usually in walkways and fire exit paths. Today alone we've found a pile of laptop chargers all tangled, stretching of leads to reach from the carpet floor, over to a chest height storage bay, causing tension on the cables and carboard and books within close proximity. This causes excess stress on the ends which can lead to excessive wear and tear and a shortening of the chargers working life.

The nature of chargers means that they can sometimes get warm whilst in use, now imagine 20 of them bulked together on carpet floor with cardboard and books within close proximity and you can easily see the potential fire hazard.

After advising the client, they have put measures in place to ensure that the items will reach maximum potential and allow ventilation and decrease the fire risk.

Another common issue we find is items being misused. This can result in a safety risk but also put an item at more risk of failure and thus reduce it's working life meaning a cost to replace the items earlier than expected.

Our reports include vital results which can provide information to help find early signs of issues such as deterioration indicated in a difference of results ascertained through retests, highlight problem areas where more items are failing than normally expected and our engineers findings report can highlight any risks such as trailing cables in walkways etc.

Now add to the equation that PAT Testing helps you to keep in line with the various regulations such as EAWR 1989 and Health and Safety at work act 1974 to name just 2, and also bring down insurance premiums, it's easy to see why PAT Testing is actually something of value, after all it can not only save you money but also save a life and a costly legal battle.